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Should I Cancel My Workout? How to Exercise on a Rainy Day

It's raining again... Maybe you usually like to run or walk outside. What should you do about your exercise routine on a rainy day? Are there any ways to exercise on a rainy day? Fortunately there are many ways to exercise when it is raining. It requires an openness to do something new or different, but one of these ideas can work for you.

view of a city road on a rainy day. There are cars parked on the side and a person with a red umbrella walking in the street.

Exercise Ideas for Rainy Days

  • Try an indoor walking video on YouTube. Reps to the Rhythm is one of my favorites

  • Try an indoor workout video. I love the workouts from Fitness Blender

  • Use your indoor exercise equipment

  • Go to the gym

  • Walk in a mall

  • Walk in a large warehouse store

  • Walk around a museum

  • Find an indoor walking track

  • Walk or run outside anyway!

Rainy days can really dissuade you from being active. Being cold and wet is uncomfortable. But remember that a rainy day is just another opportunity to live your life how you want to. If that involves being active, take a moment to think about how you can exercise on a rainy day.

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