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How Can I Get Exercise as a Busy Mom (Or Dad!!) With Little Kids?

Parent of little children often struggle with fitting exercise in. Moms and dads might have all the intentions and desire to exercise, but it is hard with little ones. Little kids need to be constantly supervised, and they won't entertain themselves long enough for you to get a workout in. After the kids are asleep does not always work either! Cleaning up after the day and parents themselves getting sleep can take up evening hours. Figuring out how to exercise as a busy parent with kids is a challenge.

For parents of little children, it can require a lot of creativity to exercise. Moms and dads of children often have to reframe what they consider exercise. Here are some ways some of my patients who are moms and dads of little kids exercise.

kids riding scooters

How to Exercise With You Kids as a Busy Mom or Dad

  • Take a stroller walk. Put your children in a stroller and walk. A brisk walk that gets your heart rate up is good exercise. If you can get ahold of a jogging stroller, you may even be able to run a bit.

  • Go to a track. For parents of preschoolers and elementary school kids, this is a great option. Bring your kids' bikes, trikes, or scooters. They can zip around the track on their wheels while you walk or jog. On a track you can see them the entire time even when you are not right next to them.

  • Give a class. This is great for parents of preschoolers and up. Take out your yoga mat and a take out a mat for your child. Invite them to join you for yoga. They can copy the poses, and they will feel proud that they can exercise just like mom or dad.

  • Try a trailer bike ride. If you like to bike, get a bike trailer for your little ones. They are often safe for ages one and up. The kids need to be wearing a helmet and safely buckled in, but they will enjoy the view as you whiz down a bike path.

  • Wear the baby. When you have a tiny baby, you can wear your baby in a baby carrier. If the baby is snug to your body, you can do some weight lifting. Note that once baby grows a bit, this option might become obsolete, and always check with your doctor to find out if this is safe for you.

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