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My Approach to Nutrition Counseling

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist experienced working with both adults and children. I have specific expertise in diabetes, metabolic disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and nutrition support. I approach nutrition from a medical and scientific standpoint and can help you reach meaningful outcomes such as improved laboratory values, decreased symptoms, better physical functioning​, or higher quality of life. I have a collaborative, patient-centered approach and will empower you to improve your health. I am happy to work with your other healthcare providers, including physicians, therapist, or other specialists. Learn more about my background.

Brendel Plonka, RDN

Brendel Plonka, RDN

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Please reach out to me over the phone, email, or through my website and I will be happy to speak to you for a free 15 minute telephone call to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 

Find answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition counseling.

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