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Looking for Active Activities? 35 Fun Physical Activity Ideas for Teenagers and Adults

We all need some physical activity, but no one is happy when physical activity becomes a chore. If you don't like the structured workout and gym-based exercise routines, this list is for you. This list has fun physical activities for adults of all skill levels. Read on for some great ideas for fun physical activity for adults and teens.

man watering plants with a watering can in his garden

35 Fun Physical Activities for Teens and Adults

  • climb at an indoor climbing gym

  • ride a bike around your neighborhood or on a local bike trail

  • rake the leaves

  • refinish a piece of furniture

  • fly a kite

  • go skateboarding

  • go to a museum

  • go paddle boating

  • attend a dance class

  • walk around the mall

  • take your kids, nieces, or nephews to a playground

  • go to a botanical garden

  • walk around a farmers market

  • wander around a flea market

  • check out garage sales

  • visit a street fair

  • rearrange or redecorate a room in your home

  • walk around a department store or warehouse store

  • take a walking tour of your town

  • go ice skating

  • have a paint balling fight

  • join an adult rec league, search here to find one

  • visit the zoo

  • work on your car: wash, detail

  • take care of home repairs

  • volunteer at a food bank

  • organize or declutter a room in your home

  • go apple picking

  • go bowling

  • go sledding

  • go to a carnival

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