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Foods to Avoid While on Ozempic: What Food Should I Avoid for Weight Loss on Ozempic?

Patients are often wondering what foods to avoid while on Ozempic. To cut to the chase, there are no foods that need to be completely avoided for the sole reason someone is taking Ozempic. In short, the foods a person chooses to eat or not eat should be guided by other factors.

Ozempic leads to weight loss from its appetite mediating effects in the brain areas that affect appetite and drive to eat. Ozempic decreases appetite and leads to on average a 35% reduction in calories intake, and with that, about a 15% weight loss. The importance of eating a healthy diet is unchanged whether a person is taking Ozempic or not, and there are no foods that are worse for someone on Ozempic than for someone who is not on Ozempic.

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Ozempic for Obesity with Underlying Health Concerns: Foods to Avoid

Most people who take Ozempic for weight loss take it because their obesity has affected their health--maybe with elevated lipids, elevated blood sugar, of higher blood pressure. The nutrition recommendations for someone on Ozempic should reflect the person's overall health needs and goals. If a person has high cholesterol, they may opt to eat less red meat. If someone has high blood sugar, they may choose to avoid soda. If someone has high blood pressure, they may decide to avoid excess salt. These foods to avoid are not due to taking Ozempic, but rather due to their overall health goals.

Nausea From Ozempic: Foods to Avoid

The other time the question of foods to avoid while on Ozempic comes up is when a person is starting Ozempic and the dose is increasing. During this time, most patients experience nausea. At this stage, any food that might worsen nausea should be avoided to help manage the side effects. While this varies from person to person, some of the foods that can worsen nausea are anything deep fried or very high in fat, very spicy foods, and foods with strong odors. In general, though, most people on Ozempic tend not to desire those foods anyway.

The Problem of Lists of Foods to Avoid--Ozempic or Otherwise

In general, presenting someone with a list of foods to avoid does not make them magically not eat those foods. The very complicated reasons we eat still exist, and a list of facts or information does not alter the complex hormonal and neurological triggers to eat. Ozempic is a medication that actually does alter those triggers to eat. That is why it works, and not because someone was finally given the list of foods to avoid.

Are You Struggling with Eating While on Ozempic?

If you are struggling with eating or overeating, and you are wanting a list of foods that you should just avoid while on Ozempic, I would like to suggest that you take a step back. Think about the problem you are actually experiencing. I doubt it is a lack of knowledge of what is healthy and what is not. More likely the challenge is in the cognitive-behavioral realm. Sometimes the help comes in the form of learning a new approach to food and eating. Learning a new way of thinking about food and food choices is more likely to lead to a calmness with food than doubling down on food obsessions with a new list of foods to avoid.

Often, mastering these new behaviors can be easier while on Ozempic. Because Ozempic affects appetite, having an overall decreased drive to eat can give you the extra mental space to practice new eating behaviors. The goal is to ultimately feel good physically and mentally with how you are eating.

If you are on Ozempic and still struggling with eating, reach out to a dietitian who specializes in Ozempic and obesity medical nutrition. It takes specialized knowledge of eating behaviors and anti-obesity medication to best treat a patient.

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