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Three Foods that are Not as Unhealthy as you Think: These Surprisingly Have Nutritional Merit

We are often pretty quick to label foods as good or bad. It is true, there are some foods that have more nutritional benefits than others. We often label certain types of food as "junk foods" or "bad" if they are known to contain more sugar, salt, or fat than foods we label "healthy." I would like to decrease the dichotomy between "good" and "bad" foods. Let's see if we can look at foods that might not seem to have nutritional merit and see objectively where they stand with nutrition.

Below we will discuss foods typically assumed to be "bad." We will examine their nutrition content to help you put into perspective their nutrition quality. Here are foods that are not as unhealthy as you think.


"Bad" Foods that Might Not be as Unhealthy as you Think

  • Frozen burritos. If you are demonizing frozen burritos because they are convenience food, take a moment to read on. Like most frozen convenience foods, they are higher in sodium than a homemade burrito can be. Usually they are made with a refined grain tortilla, so not much fiber there. Still, that is the extent of the downsides! If it contains meat, cheese, or beans, it will have filling protein, and beans will give you fiber. Because they contain both protein and carbohydrates, they have most of what you need in a meal. By itself, it is a reasonable meal for a rushed moment, and with the addition of a vegetable side, your meal is now complete.

  • Ice cream. This is a controversial one for sure! When I was little, my busy father gave us ice cream sandwiches for breakfast the day after my baby sister was born...because they were sandwiches, so they were a breakfast food, right?!? Joking aside, a simple vanilla ice cream has some important breakfast components. It contains more protein and less sugar per serving than some popular breakfast cereals! While this comparison does not turn ice cream into a health food, and it might just be an indictment on sugary cereal, it puts some things into perspective with what is a better choice.

  • Potatoes. Unfortunately, potatoes have become synonymous with "bad starch." Yes, potatoes have starches. Starches are a merely type of carbohydrate, not an evil food. And along with the starch, they have potassium, vitamin C, and even a small amount of protein. By themselves, they are not a complete meal, but if you microwave one and add some cheese, you have a decent meal in a rush.

Next time you are hear about how bad a food is, take a moment and think objectively about the food. While many foods are not the epitome of perfect nutrition, we are not meant to only eat foods with perfect nutrition. Understanding what is in a food can help you understand how it might fit in the context of how you eat. Remember that many foods, including these, are not as unhealthy as you think.

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