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Eleven Health Behaviors That Are Easier in the Spring: Healthy Changes

As the weather gets consistently warm, it seems that the world opens up! So many things get easier when the weather is nicer. Here are some healthy changes that my patients find easier when it is getting warmer in the spring.

  • going outside for a walk

  • spending time in nature

  • going to the gym

  • swimming--even indoors!

  • attending medical appointments

  • grocery shopping

  • preparing food

  • playing outside with the kids

  • eating fresh produce

  • bike riding

  • drinking water

hiking trail with view of mountains

Why Healthy Changes May be Easier in the Spring

Why are some healthy changes easier in the spring? For many people, cold weather is a deterrent to leave home. There are many simple types of exercise that we do outside, such as walking, gardening, or playing sports. Even things like going to the gym or going to a swimming pool require going out into the cold to get there. Additionally, when the weather is sunnier, many people also have improvements in their mood. When your mood is better, it is easier to feel motivated to make healthy changes in your life.

This does not mean that you should wait for spring or some other ideal time to make healthy changes in your life. The best time is now, whenever you are reading this. If weather is a barrier to you, know that there are many ways to manage that. Making changes despite cold weather may involve finding things you can do inside, dressing appropriately for outdoors, and using cognitive strategies to manage discomfort and adjust your expectations. In short, although spring seems like a great time to make healthy changes, any time is a good time. Working with a dietitian can help you navigate health behavior change no matter the weather.

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