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What to Expect When Calling to Schedule a Nutrition Appointment

When you call me to schedule your nutrition appointment, you can expect it to be similar to calling any other healthcare provider's office. During your call, I will gather a few basic pieces of information, answer your questions, and help you get scheduled. Here are the details of what to expect when you call to schedule a nutrition appointment.

phone call to schedule nutrition appointment

Information Gathering

When you call to schedule your nutrition, I will need to gather some basic information before scheduling your appointment. I will ask for your name, and I will confirm that I got the spelling correct. Then I will ask you for your email address and phone number. This information will allow me to give you access to my patient portal and, if you want appointment reminders, receive reminder emails and text messages.

Once I send you the email giving you access to my patient portal, I will ask you to check your email to make sure you got the invitation. You don't have to even open the email at that time. I just want to make sure that you got the email so you can access it later to fill out and sign some forms before our first appointment.

I will ask you what insurance you have, and I will let you know if I am in network with your insurance company. I always advise my patients to confirm that their specific plan covers nutrition services, and I will tell you what you can ask the insurance representative to obtain that information.

I will also ask for a brief description of what you are coming for. I don't need a detailed medical history at that time, but enough information so I can let you know if that is something I think I can help you with. I may ask a few brief questions, and I will let you know if I am not the right provider for what you are seeking.

Giving You Information

During your phone call with me, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Save your in-depth nutrition questions for your appointment, but now is a good time for general questions that you'll need answers for before your appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment

Next we will schedule your nutrition appointment. I have availability most days of the week, and we will find a time that works. Know that initial appointments can take 60-90 minutes, so you'll need to have that chunk of time available. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes, so those tend to be easier to schedule. Most of my availability is for telehealth appointments, but I sometimes have in person slots available.

What to do if No One Answers the Phone When You Call

If no one answers the phone when you call, leave a message and I will return your call. On the message, make sure you say your name and phone number clearly. You can also message me through my website or email me.

What You Can Expect on the Phone Call to Schedule Your Nutrition Appointment

You can expect it to be like calling any other healthcare office when you call to schedule your nutrition appointment. The phone call can take as little as five minutes. After the call, you should have an appointment scheduled and portal access to fill out forms before your appointment. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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