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Seven Factors of Your Lifestyle You Didn't Know Affect Your Health

Having a healthy lifestyle is really important for health--everyone knows you should eat well and get exercise. I want to give more specific examples of lifestyle factors that matter. Here are seven lifestyle factors that matter for your health.

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  • Your occupation. Do you work from home at a computer all day, or are you a preschool teacher and barely get a chance to sit? The differences between a desk job and an active job are the difference between being very sedentary and not being sedentary. Although being a preschool teacher or other non-sedentary jobs does not mean you are exercising all day, the health benefits of even not being sedentary are noteworthy.

  • Your home. Living in a multi-level home means more steps to get through a day--even when you don't even leave your house. Compared to someone who lives in a small apartment, the person living in a large, multi-level home will get more baseline activity.

  • Your city's infrastructure. When cities are walkable, people walk. When driving is harder, fewer people drive. Living somewhere that people tend to walk to daily errands means more baseline activity than living somewhere that requires a car to go places.

  • Your attendance at medical appointments. If you can't remember the last time you went for a routine wellness visit, it was probably too long ago! Attending your appointment allows you to be screened for health concerns and address them before they get worse. It is a good way to protect your health.

  • Your kitchen skills. People who know how to prepare a meal can prepare a meal. Others end up relying on takeout or convenience foods. Although takeout and convenience food can be reasonably nutritious with attention to what your options are, it more often tends to be less nutritious. Knowing how to prepare food opens up more opportunities to eat nutritious food.

  • Your hobbies. Are you a gamer, a knitter, a DIYer, or a gardener? Even when hobbies do not reach the level of exercise, active hobbies help decrease how sedentary people are. This is especially the case for people who spend hours per day on their hobbies!

  • Your family roles. Caregiving for an older parent, a family member with medical needs, or children can be physical labor. From helping with mobility, cleaning, and going to appointments, these responsibilities are at the very least not sedentary.

Take a look at these seven lifestyle factors that matter for your health. Think about your own life, and consider how you can work with your current lifestyle to improve your health.

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