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17 Forgotten Healthy Comfort Foods to Rediscover in Your Kitchen

There can be a lot of joy in simple foods, especially some simple, healthy comfort foods from childhood. Often, when we are thinking about what to eat, we consider complex foods that may take a long time to prepare. I want to bring you back to the pleasure of these simple healthy comfort foods. These comfort foods taste yummy, but we often forget about eating them.

I also want to challenge you. As you read this list of healthy comfort foods, you might gloss over some ideas that don't immediately invoke a craving. I suggest you slow down and reconsider those foods. Try them! You might reignite the enjoyment you forgot you can have from these simple healthy comfort foods.

macaroni and cheese comfort food

17 Healthy Comfort Foods You Forgot About

  • peanut butter on soft whole wheat bread

  • crackers and cheese

  • bagel with melted cheese

  • popcorn popped in a pot with oil, add salt afterwards

  • scrambled egg on buttered toast

  • tuna fish prepared with mayo on crackers

  • carrots dipped in dressing

  • apple freshly cut into thin slices

  • baked sweet potato

  • baked potato with butter or cheese

  • fresh strawberries

  • fresh cooked corn on the cob, add salt or butter

  • apple dipped in peanut butter

  • peanuts that come in the shell

  • macaroni with melted cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper

  • chocolate milk

  • cheese stick

Reignite the Joy in These Healthy Comfort Foods

These healthy comfort foods are all really simple foods with great flavor. Many people remember these foods from their childhood and just think of them as food for kids. But these foods are wonderful! These simple healthy comfort foods can add enjoyment to your eating.

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